Cyprus company registration

Why should you register a company in Cyprus

Cyprus is a very desirable EU jurisdiction for forming a limited liability company due to its advantageous tax system. Cyprus has full membership in the EU, making it the ideal European location for holding assets since it offers businesses the same advantages that a typical offshore jurisdiction offers.

The tax system in Cyprus fully complies with all OECD and EU requirements against harmful tax practices. This makes Cyprus company formation ideal if your goal is to substantially lower your tax obligations without any risk.

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Our team of experts has decades of experience in International Tax Planning and structuring of offshore businesses. You can depend on us to provide the highest standards of professional services. 

Our multilingual team is headed up by Mr. Athos Fouttis, a renowned International Tax Consultant, who has written numerous articles that have been published internationally who is often invited to speak at international tax and offshore business seminars.

Our head office is located at the main business district of Limassol, Cyprus.

We work with a global network of associates in the fields of accounting/audit, investments, taxation, trusts, law and business consulting.

Our commitment is to provide top quality consulting and management services throughout the Cyprus company registration along with prompt personalized attention to each client’s specific needs on an ongoing basis.

International Tax Planning Services

International tax planning

We are available to consult with you on the most effective tax structures for corporations and/or individuals to operate effectively in the global economic market.

Cyprus Bank Account Opening

Opening Bank Accounts

We have built relationships with a network of banks so that we are able to open bank accounts for companies of all types under our management.

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Accounting & Audit

Our team of highly qualified accounting and tax experts can provide you with all of the bookkeeping, accounting and auditing services you need, no matter what type of business.

Cyprus Substance Services

Substance Solutions

We are known for our considerable expertise in developing customized substance solutions for clients worldwide in setting up Cypriot business and tax structures.

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Global Corporate Services

Our Global Corporate Department has a team of accounting and tax experts with decades of experience meeting the needs of global corporations.

Cyprus Investment Company

Licensing & Financial Services

Our highly specialised team of licensing and financial services professionals can help you on the registration process of your Cyprus Investment Company.

Why Choose Cyprus?

Advantageous tax system

Over the past several decades Cyprus has grown to become one of the most favourable and highly regarded International Financial Centres in the world. Cyprus company registration has become so popular among savvy entrepreneurs and businesspeople across the world, because they know they can maximize their corporate profits by effectively using Cyprus’ Tax system. 

Favourable legal system

The Cypriot legal system comes out of the principles set forth in UK Common Law and is compatible and in alignment with all EU laws. Therefore, the legal system’s Common Law basis makes a Cyprus company registration the ultimate vehicle for investment and holding purposes.

Internationally known business centre

Cyprus has grown into a centre of international business, one that can provide businesses with highly specialised services to ease business transactions.

Easy access to the EU market

Cyprus offers easy access for foreign investors targeting the EU market.
  • Cyprus offers one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU, just 12.5% on net profits.
  • English common law forms the basis for Cyprus’ legal framework, which means it is credible and transparent when it comes to business practices.
  • Companies can benefit from the Cyprus tax law repatriation provisions, which allow for dividend, royalty and interest payments without having to pay withholding tax.
  • Companies are also exempt from paying capital gains tax when disposing of any assets being held in an underlying company.
  • Flexible rules involving reorganization allow for a quick restructuring process with few tax implications.
  • Companies are allowed to issue various classes of shares, each with different rights concerning profit sharing, voting and redeemable preferences.
  • Shares being held in underlying subsidiaries for the primary purpose of capital appreciation can be sold at a later date with the profits being tax exempt in Cyprus.
  • If you are seeking a low tax jurisdiction on income from dividends, you can find it in Cyprus because in most instances, dividend income would be tax exempt.
  • There is no withholding tax on dividend, interest and royalty payments.
  • While shareholder information is considered public record, information on beneficial ownership does not need to be disclosed to any regulatory authority.
  • Cyprus companies can take advantage of a wide network of double taxation treaties with more than 60 countries further adding to the potential benefits of a Cyprus company setup.
  • Companies in Cyprus enjoy total freedom of movement when it comes to foreign currency, which means businesses are allowed to keep foreign currency in a bank account located in any jurisdiction.
  • The 2018 Heritage Organization’s Index of Economic Freedom lists Cyprus among the 50 Freest World Economies.
cyprus company share capital

Share capital

A private limited liability company in Cyprus must have at least one share and one registered shareholder at minimum. A company typically has an authorized share capital plus an issued share capital of €1,000 each. The law allows nominee shareholders, which is widely used. An Individual or foreign corporate shareholder is also allowed. Where anonymity is desired we can provide nominee shareholders.

cyprus company directors


A company must have at least one director. It would be advisable for a company to appoint local Cypriot directors, although the law allows for foreigners. But, if you want a well-managed company with control in Cyprus, local directors would be best. The law also allows a corporate entity is to act as director. For your convenience, our company can provide you with directors.

Cyprus Company Registered Office

Registered office

The company’s registered office must be located in Cyprus and must be the company’s official address where it keeps its registers, statutory books and the company seal. We can provide you with the registered office as well as your company secretary.

Cyprus Company Audit


A Cypriot auditing firm must be retained to audit Cyprus companies every year to comply with the International Accounting & Auditing Standards. We can arrange for a local auditor to be appointed.

Cyprus Company Secretary


A secretarial services company or an individual secretary must be appointed.

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